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"Sing Your Own Song" | Solo Singing Lessons

Having started off as a Classical singer, I moved into Music Theatre and then on to singing with Covers and Jazz Bands. As such, I understand the benefit of a strong technique for all vocal styles. I will assist you in developing these techniques, allowing you to sing a wide variety of different vocal styles. The majority of my students work in the contemporary area (Pop, Rock, R & B, Country, Musical Theatre and Jazz) with a handful working in the Classical area.

My students study music at the secondary and tertiary level (see “Exams Section”), sing in bands, compose their own music, sing for the joy and confidence it gives them, teach singing, perform in Musical Theatre and record their music.

  • Lessons can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in duration depending on your needs. Paired 50 minute lessons are also available. (see “It Takes Two”)
  • The minimum age for beginning student is 9.
  • I can cater for beginner students through to advanced /professionals.

For information on my fee structure please follow the link below

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Kelsey Barkla | Singing Student Sound Cloud Logo

"Erika is a wonderful person and teacher, thorough and extremely knowledgeable in her profession. I would highly recommend her to anyone, from those just starting out, through to those who have been singing for years. As a student of Erika’s through my most stressful years of high school doing music, she managed to make studying voice for someone with a terrible background in musical theory relaxed and enjoyable.

She keeps lessons interesting and fun and I always looked forward to each session with her. No lesson was ever the same with the introduction of new pieces, technical work and exercises each time. She is fantastic at tailoring lessons to each students abilities, interests and goals and not only encourages and helps to bring light to your strengths but also challenges and enhances vocal ability and repertoire in areas that you struggle with or didn’t know you could do. If you want longevity in your vocal career Erika is the woman to see, always showing you how to do things properly in order to keep your voice at its peak. Since having lessons with Erika I have gone on to do several live singing gigs and numerous professional recordings. I have her to gratefully thank for the skills she taught me and the confidence I now have in my vocal ability."

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Lewis Maillardet | Lead Singer and Drummer "Best Press" Sound Cloud Logo

"Erika creates a teaching environment that lets you relax and be yourself. She always makes sure the content of lessons is relevant to you, which in turn then motivates you to work hard at the necessary technical elements of being a singer. Erika always pushes me to improve and try new things. The balance between technical content and working on songs is perfect and that has led me to feel confident in my ability physically, technically and creatively to perform at my best."

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