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"I'm A Star" | Music Theatre Focus

So you want to “tread the boards” and be a star of the stage? I know the feeling….been there, done that. Nothing beats the feeling of being under the lights and pouring out your passion and emotions in front of a live audience.

I can help you build up your audition repertoire. You’ll need to have a collection of songs from many different decades, up-tempo and ballad songs, acting/character pieces and songs in different vocal styles. I’ll help you to choose songs appropriate to the show you’re auditioning for and get them “audition-ready” (develop an emotional connection, unleash the “actress within”, basic movement/staging).

For information on my fee structure please follow the link below

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Laura Steel | Singing Student

"I have been having lessons with Erika for 8 years and I owe much of my progress to her knowledge, dedication, and expertise. Erika's commitment to helping me improve my vocal range, quality, and versatility has given me the confidence and skills to successfully audition for both high school musicals and later amateur productions, such as Bonnie and Clyde and Legally Blonde. As well as coaching me for auditions, Erika has supported me in my role as lead vocalist with my jazz band. Her passion and drive is inspiring and has always motivated me to achieve my dreams."

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Willow Sizer | Fine Arts Student

"Erika introduced me to the wonderful world of song, from Musical Theatre to Jazz and a myriad of other styles in between. During my time with her, studying for VCE and tertiary auditions, she was incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. She was the first teacher I had to teach me to act through song and I credit her as an original inspiration to pursue my passion."

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